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Welcome to Swansong Editing.

Today’s professional world demands nothing less than excellence in the written word.  As an author, your writing is your first impression. Poor word choice, bad grammar, misspellings or wrong words, not to mention a host of other errors, can keep you from putting your best foot forward and discredit your image before you even have a chance to develop it.

Using your word processor’s Spell Check feature is a good place to start with cleaning up your manuscript, but that program isn’t going to help you with misusing words like “too” where you need “to,” or “which” when you have written “witch.” After all, these words are spelled correctly; they just aren’t the right word for your work.  Mistakes in spelling, word choice or usage, grammar and structure cost time, money and readers.  While the initial cost of hiring a freelance editor can seem large, the time and money you save not having to fix mistakes after your work has gone to print, is worth it. Not to mention, hiring a freelance editor can mean the difference between an acceptance and a rejection for your manuscript. Your work needs to be free of typos, grammatical mistakes, organizational problems, stereotypical characters and more. That’s where Swansong Editing can help.

We can take your work and make suggestions to fix spelling, grammar, structure, plot, content and characterization problems while preserving your voice.  We do not make any changes for you. Rather, you make the changes you like and disregard the ones you don’t agree with. You maintain control of your work. We just help you improve it.